Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods

This is one of the first signs of perimenopause. Periods are regulated by oestrogen and progesterone, the fluctuations in these hormones that begin during perimenopause will cause fluctuations in your periods. Click here to learn more about periods.

From the questions you’ll hear in this video, you’ll realise that every single person’s periods are irregular in different ways. Some go months without a period while some get two periods a month.

By the amount of questions we received for this video, I can see that there is not enough information and knowledge about what different irregular periods mean. Should you go on the pill or take HRT? How do you know when your cycle changes if you have a Mirena Coil? How do you trust your GP when they prescribe anti-depressants for the moods that irregular periods give you? 

Dr Shahzadi Harper

Dr Shahzadi Harper is a menopause specialist. She is an expert on all things menopause, HRT, contraception and so much more. Dr Harper optimises women’s wellbeing and health and empowers them to look and feel their best. She looks after women of all backgrounds and ethnicities enabling them to make informed choices for their optimal health. Click here to read more about her clinic.