Weight Management

This is the first video I have some with menopause dietitian Nigel Denby. Nigel Denby is a registered dietitian and author of ten successful nutrition books. he specialises in weight management, women’s health, and IBS. When it comes to weight gain during menopause, Nigel’s an expert!

In this video, he explains why we gain weight as we age. We also discuss why it takes us longer to lose it. Nigel shares with me a specific exercise and calorie intake plan to help lose weight healthily.

Nigel explains that when we go through the menopause, as we all know, our body changes. What this means is that we are dealing with a whole new body. So we must treat it differently than we did in our 20s.

Calorie intake

His advice for weight management, if you are gaining weight and not able to lose it, is to trim about 500 calories a day. This might seem like a lot but you’ll be surprised how many wasted calories you’re eating. For example, a little snack of 100g of almonds will give you an extra 880 calories! Click here to learn more about nutrition.


Nigel also advises to make sure you get enough exercise and to take 10,000 steps a day. Above this, you should aim to do 15 minutes of exercise daily, this could be pilates, yoga, or a body workout. You can check out this video that Lucy Wyndham-Read made for MegsMenopause.

Nigel has such a fresh, positive way of talking about this, it was truly a pleasure to share this conversation with him.