Coffee Morning Chat

Another fascinating conversation with Dr Shahzadi Harper. Dr Harper is a menopause specialist who has kindly accepted to talk to me to answer all of your questions!

This week, we’re talking about exercise, osteoporosis and answering your questions about HRT and CBD.

The questions answered in this videos are:

  1. I’m nearly 49 and going through perimenopause. Every month after my period I feel terrible. Weak, headaches, muscle aches. And my new symptom is feeling dizzy! I went to bed feeling terrible and woken up feeling really dizzy.
  2. I think I’m perimenopausal (aged 44). Like you my anxiety is off the scale. I can’t deal with anything at the moment. Would you advise anti-anxiety meds from the doctor? I don’t want HRT yet and can’t afford to go private.
  3. Can you take HRT if you still get your period?
  4. Do I have to stop HRT at 60?
  5. What strength CBD do you take?

Dr Harper also gives an amazing explanation of how testosterone can help women with oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer (and explains in detail what that means!)

We received so many questions and these 5 summed them all up! So make sure to watch the above video if you have any of these questions yourself, and send it to your friends to learn more!

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