Symptom Series- Mood Swings

Mood Swings, I’m sure anybody who lives with me can tell you stories about my mood swings (especially Anais) You can be in hysterics for ages, or suddenly just burst into tears. It can really feel quite overwhelming at times. The worst ones I think are the anger mood swings as it can really affect everyone around you and make your life so much more complicated. It’s definitely happened to me, and I’m sure it’s happened to many of you. It can be tiny things as well that can trigger you off, like burning a piece of toast or watching a sad advert can send you into tears or in a rage. Of course, you might already know what the cause of this is if you’ve been following along with this series – The bloody oestrogen! I know when your feeling overly emotional you tend not to think straight, but maybe knowing that it isn’t just you who’s getting this and knowing that there’s a reason behind it and you’re not just going crazy can help a little bit. And DEFINITELY tell your friends and family what you’re going through! Not only will they be more understanding and sympathetic when you’re in the middle of your mood swings, but they can even become a source of comfort afterwards. Communication is definitely key when dealing with the menopause. Anyone else get really bad mood swings? Love, Meg x

Special Thanks to: Jo Hansford Salon for my Hair

Rikki Casey for my Make-up

Erica Fraser for Filming and Editing